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At Beverage Coaster, Inc. we manufacture disposable beverage coasters in various materials, absorbency, shapes and sizes. From serving paper products distributors to stock designs and custom imprints for all your customer’s needs!

We here at BCI feel that excellence for your promotional custom coasters is key so that your customers can have the most enjoyable dining experience at your business. We also like to think that coasters are not something just to put your drink on, but a presentation of your facility that will make your customers want to come back for more.

We Strive for Your Patrons Satisfaction.

When guests dress up for the evening and dine in fine restaurants, they expect the best: superb food, a relaxing atmosphere, exceptional service, fine china, beautiful crystal and terrace restaurant custom paper coaster, advertising coasters

Coasters? Yes indeed. Increasingly, the best restaurants use six-ply “quality” paper coasters to personalize service, quiet dining areas, enhance ambiance, and minimize the chipping of fine china.

Coasters Help to Establish Identity

Harvey’s Prime Rib in Westmont, IL uses a maroon and gray quality coaster that features a chandelier (they have 24 chandeliers in the restaurant) and their logo. The main reason Harvey’s uses coasters is to protect customers’ clothing by absorbing spills, but according to Harvey’s Mr. Terry Naba, the coasters are also a form of advertising that helps to establish an atmosphere that’s a little different.” Our atmosphere and good food are what make Harvey’s unique,” said Mr. Naba. “Our coaster helps to make Harvey’s stick in our guests’ mind. At least we think so.”

Coasters Stimulate “Word-of-Mouth” Advertising

Coasters can also stimulate word-of-mouth advertising by encouraging patrons to talk about their fine dining experiences.

According to Alan Jordan, of Add-Effect Associates Marketing Services, Wayne, PA, some restaurants use custom coasters to let servers know at-a-glance whether a guest is drinking regular or decaf coffee. “Guests, particularly those in large parties, are flattered when their server remembers whether they were drinking regular or decaf coffee.”

Says Jordan, “People like to share the good times they’ve had, but they need something to stimulate conversation. Imagine you’re being served dessert and coffee in one of your friend’s homes, and between the cup and saucer is a coaster that features an exclusive restaurant. Would you assume your host or hostess had eaten there, and ask them about their evening? Many guests do, and once asked, their hosts often spend ten minutes or more recounting a special event.”

Gregory Krasnick, of Beverage Coasters, Inc., Centerport PA, which manufactures custom coasters, confirms that souvenir packages of what he calls “remembrance coasters” are warmly received. In fact, Mr. Krasnick said some restaurants sell souvenir packages of coasters.

To receive coaster samples or further information, please call Greg at (610) 916-4864, or contact us and send a brief note describing your establishment and clientele to Beverage Coasters.

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