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Material & Sizes

Guide to selecting the right Beverage Coaster:

Beverage coasters add a touch of grace to coffee, cocktail and bar service as well as protecting customers from minor spillage. Custom coasters can be used to promote an establishment or chain, feature a specialty of the house, convey a message to customers, or compliment the décor. Good Morning! Rooster dark blue, Beverage Coasters produces disposable paper coasters of different paper types like cellulose coasters, budget board coasters, and pulpboard coasters. If you're holding holiday celebrations, we have a variety of holiday coaster to choose from. If your business could use some advertising help, coasters are the perfect way to advertise. We sell wholesale custom coasters with custom paper choice and your logo printed on a coaster.

Selection of the proper coaster will take but a few minutes. The time spent will pay dividends in an attractive addition to table or bar setting. This brief guide is intended to assist you in selecting the custom coasters that best fit your needs.

Selecting The Type Of CoasterCoaster DesignColors

Selecting The Type Of Coaster

There are a number of materials, sizes and edges available. We can help you figure out which options work best for you and provide you suggested usage for the different combinations. If you prefer, we will select the edge we feel most compatible with your design.

Coaster Design

We offer a complete design service for Beverage Coasters. All we need is a rough sketch of what you want -or- you may wish to send a sample napkin, matchbook cover, menu or other item that shows the deign you want. We will prepare final art and send you a photo proof of the design or logo for approval before we proceed with production.


Use a color or colors that match other paper products or the motif of your establishment. We offer as standard any of the almost 1,000 flat-finish PMS shades. If you wish a shade that is different from these, a slight charge for blending inks is made on the first order. No charge is made for you send us a sample color you want duplicated.

Beverage Coasters, Inc. – Coaster Material & Sizes Suggestions For Usage

Quality Cellulose

Full Multi-Ply Cellulose With Waxed Paper Backing The Industry Standard For Over 50 Years Available In White

Highest Quality, Best Reproduction, Absorption & Protection
3” Round Scalloped Also For Espresso, Small Tea Cups And Cappuccino Round For Cup & Saucer
3-3/8” Round Or Square / 4” Round Only
Round For Cup & Saucer
Square For Mug Service


One-Ply Paper
Available In White

Most Economical, Highly Effective
3-3/8” Round Or Square
Square For Mug Service
Square For Inexpensive Bar Use
Round For Cup & Suacer

4” Round Or Square
Inexpensive Cocktail Coaster For Widebase Glasses & Mugs
5” Round
Inexpensive Material, Also For Vases, Pitchers And Carafes


Available In Standard 45 Pt. And Economical 35 Pt. Thickness

1-4 Color One Side
Two Sided Printing –
1-3 Color One Side & 1 Color On Other Side
Extra Thickness For Rugged Bar Use – Economical On A Per-Drink Basis
3-1/2” Round Or Square
For Bar Service –
Extra Thickness –
Greater Protection And Durability

4” Round Or Square Available In 35 Pt. & 45 Pt
5” Round Heavy-Duty Bar Mat…Also For Pitchers, Etc.
Special Sizes And Shapes Available Upon Request (Pulpboard)

Usage Suggestions

Coaster Material & Sizes Suggested For Usage

The proper use of coasters demonstrates good cleanliness and coasters are also a powerful advertising medium.
Beverage Coasters offers a huge selection of custom coasters and paper types to meet the needs of the food and beverage industries. Adding a touch of class to any operation.

Recommended For Food And Cocktail ServiceRecommended For Cocktail ServiceSuggested Use Of Custom Coasters

Cellulose Quality
Highest Quality
Multi-Ply Cellulose With Waxed Paper Backing
The Industry Standard For Over 50 Years
Best Absorption And Protection
Color: White

Most Economical
One Ply Absorbent Blotter Material
Color: White
Excellent Reproduction


• Available In Standard 35 & 45 Pt.
• Bar Coasters 3 ½, Rnd. & Sq.
• 4” Available, Rnd. & Sq.
• Heavy Duty Service
• 5” Available, Round Only
• Color: Natural

Custom Coasters Are Available In Five Sizes For Food And Cocktail Service. 

3” Round
Small Tea Cups

4” Round Or Square
Cocktail Service
Wide Base Glasses And Mugs
Soup Bowls And Salad Plates
Special Order

3-3/8” Round
Cup And Saucer
Cocktail And Other Beverage

5” Round
Cocktail Mats
Pitchers, Carafes, Vase Serving Pieces
Special Order

3-3/8” Square
Cocktail And Other Beverages
Square-Mug Service


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